Mail Boxes

mailboxesThe SPHA Mailbox is manufactured by Gaines Manufacturing.  It is a “Keystone Series” Model KS-9A, Charcoal with Satin Nickel Accent.

The SPHA Covenants require the mailboxes for the neighborhood be standard. Southern Pointe mailboxes should not have permanent decals on them, be painted other colors, or be modified in any manner. These are covenant violations. Only original replacement parts are authorized for use.

Mailbox Numbers
Mailbox numbers can be obtained from Jerry Benish at 698-1504. Mr. Benish will deliver and install the numbers correctly on your mailbox for $15.00. These are the ONLY AUTHORIZED NUMBERS. Do not use other numbers. Please plan to pay when the service is done.

Complete Mailbox
If you require the complete mailbox or need the mailbox installed, you may call –
Jerry Benish, Mr. Mailbox at 918-698-1504.
Or Visit Website:

Mailbox Piece Parts
If your mailbox is vandalized or requires repair, piece parts can be purchased for a reasonable price from the manufacturer. You can purchase the bottom, sides, flags, etc. An SPHA Board Member can assist you with the repair or information. Please call Gaines Manufacturing at (858) 486-7100 for parts or Jerry Benish at the number above.

If you need to reinstall your mailbox or post, please note that the height of the mailbox is 36 ½” to 37 ½” from the top of the curb to the bottom of the mailbox. The post is 6” from the curb